About Us

Imex is one of the leading manufacturers of leather goods in India. The company focuses on designing, developing, marketing and manufacturing quality leather goods such as wallets, bags, jackets etc., for Men & Women.

The surge in demand for leather is driven by the fashion industry, especially bags. Apart from this, automobile industries and interior design industries also require leather.The leather industry has a place of prominence in the Indian economy due to substantial export earnings and growth. India is the fifth-largest exporter of leather goods and accessories in the world.

Imex International was founded in June, 2014 by S.R.SAYEED (C.E.O) who has been in the leather industry for more than 25 Years and has a great reputation in this business. The company’s sole business was of IMporting and EXporting hence the name IMEX was derived. Imex has exported many leather goods to countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and U.S. Today, around 50 per cent of India’s leather business comes from international trade and Imex is one of them.

It was the vision of the C.E.O to take the leather industry to new heights and thus was born the idea of imexdeal. Our Co-Founder SAQIB SAYEED strived to take this idea of imexdeal to greater heights and provide the best service to their customers. With the E-Commerce industry rapidly growing in India and the scarcity of quality leather, imexdeal specializes in bringing quality leather to your doorsteps. Imexdeal provides a wide range of leather products from raw materials to stylish finished products.

The CEO and Co-Founder along with a dedicated team have been able to build the company to what it is today and have the passion to achieve greater heights.

Our vision is to provide best quality leather, set global benchmarks and strive for our motto that’s “One stop leather shop”.